Friday, July 27, 2012

Rod Buskas

Rod Buskas lasted in the NHL far longer than his skills package suggested he should have been able to.

He was an average skater at best, but with time he made up for that with anticipation born from experience. He never showed up much with the puck, in terms of passing or puckhandling. He did have a heavy slapper from the point, though he rarely scored.

No, Rod Buskas was best suited as a 6th defenseman, eating up some minutes while providing some physicality. He had good size and strength which he used nicely to handle players in front of his net and taking out forwards along the boards.

Rod Buskas played in 556 NHL games, scoring 19 goals, 63 assists and 82 points.

Buskas' other love was flying. He obtained his pilot's license while still playing. In retirement he opened his own flight training school in Nevada.

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